Due to Covid19 all of our engineers are self-isolating for 14 days. Each of our engineers was visiting around 60 customers a week, we had to do what was best for our customers and staff.
After the two weeks, we hope to be doing essential repairs for key workers and priority cases
(1) We will be asking customers to clear and disinfect the room our engineers has to work in, our engineer will do the same on leaving.
(2) We ask customers to open the door for our engineer then stay in a separate room. We will take the labour charge before visiting then one of our team will call for any cost of spares afterwards. Our engineer will give you an estimate if needed via telephone.
(3) Our engineer will attend with gloves and a face mask and will disinfect himself before and after his visit.
(4) We will not be putting our prices up for the extra work and time needed, we will though only be able to do all day appointments.
All these precautions have been put in place for our customer’s protection as well as staff. If one person enters the room our engineer is working in he will have to self isolate again for fourteen days.
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