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Trust a Sale Appliances Service Engineer to provide an expert repair service. Each repair is analysed in advance by our engineer team and where possible the original replacement spare parts likely to be needed for the repair are sent to the engineer in advance of their visit to your home. With fixed-rate prices, you will always know with Sale Appliance Repairs where you stand and no hidden charges. We even provide a 6-month warranty on all repair work carried out.

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Freestanding Electric Appliance Call Out Charge:


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Built-In Electric Appliance Call Out Charge:


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Range Cooker Non-Gas Call Out Charge:


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Microwave Call Out Charge:


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Labour Charges:

Free Standing Electric

£65 (Not Including Parts)

Built In Electric

£85 (Not Including Parts)

Range Cooker Non-Gas

£105 (Not Including Parts)


£105 (Not Including Parts)

Call out charge is included in the labour if a repair is carried out.
Some manufacture and types of repair may incur an increased labour charge.

All prices include VAT.

Labour Charges Example:

Mrs Smith’s freestanding electric cooker had broken down so she phoned Sale Appliances for a repair quote.

Our engineers quoted £62 for a fixed rate free standing electric labour charge with parts to be charged for on top if required. Mrs Smith booked a call out for the next day.

Our engineers attended Mrs Smith’s home and found out she needed a new heating element.

Mrs Smith agreed to the repair and was charged £62 for the fixed rate labour and the cost of the replacement part to be paid for on completion.

Call Out Charges Example:

Mr Jones built in dishwasher had broken down so he decided to phone Sale Appliances for a repair quote.

After getting a quote of £82 for a fixed rate built-in electric labour charge (excluding parts) a Saturday appointment was booked.

Our engineer discovered that Mr Jones dishwasher had a broken pump.

Mr Jones dishwasher was rather old and the cost of the repair didn’t seem worthwhile.

Mr Jones decided not to get his dishwasher repaired. The total repair charge was reduced to a callout charge of just £52.

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